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Nurturing our Origins

Provenance is at the heart of everything we do at Matturi Fine Jewellery. From the sourcing of ethically mined diamonds and coloured stones that compose our signature jewellery, to the outreach plans in various mineral rich countries, our business approach ensures the benefit of both our customers and preserving our communities. 

Our approach to design is carefully considered, and as such we only manufacture a limited number of pieces that our customers are able to wear for a lifetime. 


Sourced with Care

Artisanal Mining – Zambia, Kenya, Malawi & Tanzania 

We endeavour to support citizen owned mines across Africa, with an emphasis on women owned establishments. We currently procure a percentage of our coloured stones from such entities, with a vision to be 100% supplied by similarly responsibly sourced outfits. 


Single Mined Origin Gold

At Matturi Fine Jewellery origin, excellence and authenticity are the essence of our jewellery and continues to provide the best inspiration for all our collections.

All our pieces are crafted using Single Mined Origin Gold from West Africa and responsibly sourced diamonds and precious stones.


Responsibly Created

Ideal Luminance Pty Ltd - Botswana 

Fair resource wealth distribution is essential within mineral rich countries and we promote the case for value capture within these nations. Our registered entity in Gaborone, Botswana promises to source natural diamonds that have been mined, cut and polished in Africa and make them accessible to all individuals, independent designers and brands. 

For enquiries kindly contact:


Supporting Initiatives that Matter

At Matturi Fine Jewellery we believe implementing projects that support the community is particularly necessary at a grassroot level. Consequently, we are proud to launch youth-based community projects, where people in need readily receive access to the assistance they require. 


Sierra United FC – Sierra Leone 

We are the official sponsor of the female owned and managed football club, Sierra United FC in Sierra Leone’s urban capital of Freetown. In collaboration with our friends in the local diamond community we fundraise to contribute our part in the hopes and dreams of the young boys and girls seeking a better life. 

Should you wish to sponsor or follow the progress of the promising team, we invite you to follow @sierraunitedfc on Instagram.