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Whispers of Meroë

Whispers of Meroë is the third collection from Matturi Fine Jewellery. The luxurious jewels are an ode to the lost Nubian Kingdom of Kush and its stories of female power, resilience and lost opulence during Ancient Egyptian times. The collection celebrates the lost Nubian Kingdom of Kush and its bold Queens with rich textured gold, enamel layering and custom-cut gems.

Inspired by the culture, temples and more than 200 slender pyramids discovered at the Nubian capital of Meroë, Matturi Fine Jewellery has opted for a deconstructed Art-Deco style using linear forms in rich 18ct yellow and white gold. Jewels glitter with ethically sourced triangular-cut and round brilliant diamonds, black onyx discs, soft pastel morganites, deep-red rhodolites and lustrous golden pearls, reflecting the colours of the landscapes along the upper Nile delta.

 Each piece within Whispers of Meroë is stamped with the Eye of Horus, which symbolises protection, royal power and good health to the wearer.

Nomoli Totem Studs
Nomoli Totem Spiky Pendant
Nomoli Totem Spiky
Ta-Seti Rouge
Classic Spiky Drops
Napata Earrings
Large Nomoli Totem
Nomoli Totem Arc
Bayuda PendantBayuda Pendant
Bayuda EarringBayuda Earring