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The Timeless Heritage Neckpiece

18ct White Gold, Diamonds, South Sea Pearls, Rubies

Every woman should own a classic pearl neckpiece and this versatile version with a detachable pendant creates a variety of occasions that it can be worn, whilst bringing elegant visual enticement to the décolleté. Also complements the standard logo earrings.

The Pengusa is inspired by the 'Pengusa' clan of women from the Sandor Chiefdom ruling family in West Africa where they are recognised for their strength, resilience and tenacity.


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Chandelier Splendeur

(available in Purple or Yellow Kunzite)

18ct White Gold, Diamonds, Kunzite, South Sea Pearls

An enviable pair of statement earrings with 5 strands of white South Sea pearls that fluidly drapes down to the neck.

Dedicated to the voluminous BouBou traditional attire across West Africa; excess and elegance at its best!

Gola Butterfly

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The Splendidly Embellished Butterfly

(also available in Sapphire or Emerald)

18ct Yellow Gold, Diamonds and Rubies

A captivating cocktail ring and pendant duo, with flappable wings that allows you to play, let go and help conserve the planet!

The Gola Butterfly design is in support of the Gola Rainforest National Park, one of the only surviving and protected rainforests in Sierra Leone and Liberia, West Africa. It is home to over 900 species of butterflies and dragonflies.

5% of sales will be donated to the Gola Conservation and REDD project.


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Show of Hands

18ct White Gold, Diamonds

A powerful yet intricate and feminine embellishment for the hand studded with an avalanche of white diamonds.

'Lailei' (Henna), adorns a bride's hands before a wedding. This design celebrates that symbolic moment whilst making it elegantly wearable for all.